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If you are a professional driver with any driving licence issue, please call us on 0808 196 2630 to discuss your case.

If you drive a Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV), Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) or Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) then you may be classed as a professional driver (sometimes called a ‘vocational driver’).

Those who drive professionally, such as lorry drivers and taxi drivers, are held to a higher standard. It should be a badge of pride to be a professional driver, but unfortunately the fact that a higher standard exists can mean that:

  • any driving licence issues can be more complicated,
  • higher medical standards are applied when fitness to drive is assessed,
  • the DVLA can take a harder stance with any applications,
  • appeals can be more difficult, and,
  • conduct as a driver can also be more heavily scrutinised.

Our experienced solicitors can help if you are affected by any of these issues. Call us on 0808 196 2630 for an initial consultation. We have extensive experience of dealing with the DVLA on behalf of drivers in the haulage industry, taxi drivers and lorry drivers.

Legal help for those with issues arising from a Group 2 medical assessment

Group 2 drivers, including those who drive large lorries, taxis and buses can face a more rigorous medical assessment and must meet a higher standard of vision when fitness to drive is assessed. If you face any issues which could lead your licence to be revoked following a sight test or medical assessment then please call us on 0808 196 2630. Our specialist team has experience challenging the DVLA when decisions are wrongly made.

If you are an emergency worker in the police force, ambulance service or health service then the medical standards may be set by the relevant force or authority. If you wish to appeal a decision, we can scrutinise your case to see whether the correct standard has been applied properly.

If you are at any risk of any sudden disabling event at the wheel then as a Group 2 licence holder the DVLA can seek to revoke your licence even if the chance of an event happening is extremely low. A Group 2 licence holder can face issues if their chance of a sudden disabling event happening is as much as ten times lower than that of a normal driver. If you have any concerns that you may be affected then please contact us on 0808 196 2630 for urgent advice.

Legal help for professional drivers with notifiable medical conditions

If you are a professional driver and have a notifiable medical condition, or a medical professional considers that there might be an issue affecting your fitness to drive then you should get in touch with us straight away so that we can protect your position and guide you through any interactions with the DVLA. Unless you receive careful legal advice and your medical condition is fully examined, the DVLA may presume the worst even when your own case might be arguable, borderline or not problematic at all. Contact us on 0808 196 2630.

Legal help for professional drivers facing allegations of vocational driver conduct

For HGV and PCV drivers, the Government has published guidance on ‘vocational driver conduct’ with the aim that road safety concerns can lead to a vocational driver having his or her licence suspended or revoked. Concerns might include a conviction for a motoring offence. If you face any issues relating to allegations of vocational driver conduct then you should call our team for advice on 0808 196 2630. It is important to act quickly as a single offence can lead to a loss of entitlement to drive a lorry or passenger goods vehicle.

Renewal applications

The DVLA can be slower to process driving licence renewal applications for those with restricted licences owing to medical conditions. If you have a restricted licence and your renewal application is taking longer than you had expected and your licence is due to expire whilst the DVLA is still processing your renewal application, contact us for advice on 0808 196 2630.


If you are a professional driver and face any issue that could affect your driving licence, please contact our specialist solicitors on 0808 196 2630 for urgent guidance. We could protect your driving licence.

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